Dead Old

Written By: Maureen Carter

Narrated By: Clare Corbett

Blood splattered daffodils stuffed in a dead woman's mouth. The random act of a sneering gang, or revenge forged in burning hatred? West Midlands Police think Sophie Carrington's murder is the latest attack by teen yobs beating up the old - but Detective Sergeant Bev Morriss won't accept it. No one desecrates a body like that unless it's personal. The bizarre bouquet is a chilling message. Find out what it means and it'll point straight to the killer, Bev insists - but no one will listen. When her glamorous new boss buries Bev in paperwork and insults, it's time for Birmingham's most gritty detective to rebel. But she soon finds it's more than just her professional survival at stake when the killer decides Bev's family is next...