Ever wondered why you just can’t get
a song out of your head?

The term earworms or catchy tunes refers to those songs which you hear a few times and then just can't get out of your head. Now, earworms mbt Rapid Languages uses this phenomenon to put the essential words and phrases you need not just on the tip of your tongue, but it transports them deeply into your long-term memory, ready for instant recall.
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Over 70 Minutes of Audio
Effortless, enjoyable and effective
Essential phrases for your trip abroad
Words anchored deeply into your memory by gentle repetition to music
Stimulating and self-motivation through real rapid progress
Developed by language teaching experts
Target language spoken by native speakers
Pronunciation acquired automatically
Listen and learn, anytime anywhere
Phrase book included
Content can be uploaded to iPod, iPhone, iPad or other MP3 players for use on the go

Simply select any earworms title and add the code CREATIVE in the coupon box at the check-out to get your 20% discount.