Grandpa in My Pocket: A Garden Full of Beasts

Written By: Mellie Buse and Jan Page

Narrated By: James Bolam, James Ruckley
Grandpa in My Pocket A Garden Full of Beasts

“Grandpa in my Pocket” is a hit BAFTA nominated CBeebies show for pre-schoolers about a mischievous Grandpa with a magic Shrinking Cap. Only his grandson Jason Mason knows the secret, so when Grandpa shrinks and gets into trouble, only Jason can come to the rescue. Set in the fictional seaside town of Sunnysands, Grandpa in my Pocket is a warm-hearted comedy for all the family. In "A Garden Full Of Beasts", Jason and Grandpa are playing with some toy animals when Great Aunt Loretta arrives with plans for tidying up the Mason family garden. She enlists the help of over-enthusiastic Sunnysands gardener, Mr Hackit. Grandpa decides they must be stopped - on goes the Shrinking Cap!