The Lifestyle Lowdown: Pulling Power - Pick Up Tips for Guys

Written By: Alison Norrington

Narrated By: Caroline Lennon
The Lowdown: Pulling Power - Pick Up Tips for Guys

Insider Advice on finding, attracting and dating fabulous women!

In a sea of ‘how to’ books and as many internet guides as there are singletons, ‘Pulling Power’ is like a lighthouse showing you the way! Sophie Regan is your spy in the camp, letting you in on girly secrets as she cuts to the chase with real-life examples, practical advice and dating hints and tips to show you, not only HOW to get that girl, but how to do it with style!

While ‘Pulling Power: Pick Up Tips for Guys’ may not make you an expert on women, it CAN give you tips and tools to help you harness your mighty pulling power and date women you’ve only dreamed of meeting!