Raffles - the Amateur Cracksman

Written By: E W Hornung

Narrated By: David Rintoul

By day, AJ Raffles is a debonair man-about-town and one of England's finest cricketers. By night – he's London’s most notorious thief! Classic crime to rival Sherlock Holmes. What separates Raffles from Holmes is that he’s more recognizably human and fallible – he doesn’t always lift the loot, and bad luck throws him a few curve balls. Whether the setting is an English country house or the Australian outback,  Raffles’s diamond-hard determination, his lightning ingenuity and profound knowledge of human nature are always on display, And though he could have been hanged for any one of these crimes, Raffles remains a man you wouldn’t mind sharing a cocktail or two with during a night out on the town...